Agile Interventions
Effective practices to influence & catalize transformation in rapidly evolving environments.
Knowledge Areas
Change Management
Rapidly responding to change by adapting the organizational mindset
Lean Innovation
Developing new business models and/or expanding revenue streams
Radical Learning
Incorporating continuous learning into the DNA of the organization
Our Certifications
Become a certified agile interventionist
  • Agile Intervention Architect
    Deep dive into the lifecycle management of a portfolio of change initiatives, championing multiple concurrent interventions so a team of Agile Change Agents can work in parallel without bringing on change fatigue to the participants. Scale the transformation program by introducing roles, activities and artifacts that provide structure, scalability, and repeatability to transformational efforts.
  • Agile Change Agent
    Discover more effective practices for introducing and managing transformation in your organization, empowering teams to move towards an entrepreneurial agility mindset. Apply feedback-driven co-creation to change behaviors, empower informal social networks, distribute decision making, align strategic need with organizational capability, and affect real impact onto the organization.
  • Business Agility Masterclass
    Uncover actionable approaches which are conductive to the germination of vital behaviors and the internalization of the values necessary for true enterprise transformational success. Incorporate organizational design changes that drive business agility into the DNA of the organization, and free your team to focus on organizational-wide activities that create amplified value.
  • Shiftup: Business Agility & Innovation Leader
    For companies that need to change and innovate faster
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